World's largest Solar Energy project to be built in Australia

World’s largest Solar Energy project to be built in Australia

World's largest Solar Energy

The world’s largest solar energy power plant will be built in Australia, as part of a major renewable project. However, the energy generated will not be used by the country itself – it will be transported across the sea by cables.

From Australia to Singapore

The solar construction will be so big that it can even be seen from space. The project will have about 10 GW of installed power, in an area of ​​15,000 hectares, corresponding to almost 20,000 football fields. The facility will be in the north of the country and will cost AUD $ 20 billion.

World’s largest Solar Energy

Despite all the investment, the energy will have a destination other than Australia itself. The project also includes the construction of the world’s largest submerged cable, measuring 4,500 kilometers, which will export electricity directly to Singapore through a high voltage direct current network (HVDC).

In addition, for the entire system to work, the Singapore energy company must also build the largest battery in the world, located in Darwin. The energy will supply Darwin and will end in Singapore, through the submarine cable. It is then expected that the project will be able to supply energy to more than 1 million people – about 20% of the country’s population.

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Northern Australia’s chief minister, Michael Gunner, has already supported the project. According to him, there is no better place in the world to lead the renewable revolution.

Construction is expected to begin in 2023, with the generation of energy scheduled for 2026. If the project goes well, it can finally demonstrate the international sharing of renewable energies, beyond even oceans. It is even a way to increase their competitive power so that they can enter the market even more.

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Was it the future?

Solar energy, associated with photovoltaic energy, is the generation of electrical energy using sunlight as an energy source. Sunlight, captured by solar panels, can generate electrical current for use in homes, businesses, and industries. This energy has the advantage of being clean and renewable, coming from a source considered inexhaustible for us.

Today the study in the area of ​​energy is very intense due to the increasing diligence for a more sustainable future and focused on renewable and alternative energies. Therefore, the demand for technological development while maintaining the commitment to future generations is essential and inevitable.

In this scenario, renewable energies such as solar have gained prominence, becoming more competitive. Solar energy thus represents one of the three forms of renewable energy emerging on the market, together with wind energy and biomass.

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