Winter Storms bomb cyclone has hit the East Coast - United States

Winter Storms bomb cyclone has hit the East Coast – United States

winter storms bomb cyclone

Winter Storms bomb cyclone has hit the East Coast:

winter storms bomb cyclone

Is there another winter storm bomb cyclone coming?

A big freeze has gripped northeastern America when the large storm, called a winter storms bomb cyclone, pummelled the East Coast last week.

But currently, meteorologists are warning that another storm might bring snow, ice, and flooding to swathes of America on Fri and Sat.

AccuWeather meteorologists expect the storm to create over the lower Mississippi or Tennessee valley and travel northeastward.

They have warned that stormy temperatures, rain, and melting snow will speed up thaw between the geographic region and therefore the East Coast.

There is still uncertainty over the trail of the storm that may move up the mountain range chain.

If the storm takes this eastern track, snow may fall in-between Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and new york state.

The additional west the trail goes, the larger the prospect of rain rather than snow across vast swathes of these states.

AccuWeather senior specialist Alex Sosnowski said: “A potential track from western Tennessee to eastern Ontario could permit snow to fall from elements of Arkansas to the peninsula of Michigan.

winter storms bomb cyclone

Where is the snowstorm in the USA now? Latest snow forecast for the US:

Freezing rain is popping into sleet then snow because the polar front moves east across the USA through the Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, and eastern Great Lakes.

It has already been snowing in Memphis, Tennessee, with reports of snow, had returned in from as way south as Alexandria, Louisiana, earlier these days.

Snow is hit set to central and upstate new york state and much northern New England because the storm continues towards the geographical area on a weekday.

Winter storm warnings all the manner stretch from the Mississippi and Tennessee and Ohio Valleys to the eastern Great Lakes and New England.

How to prepare for a snowstorm?

  1. Stay indoors during the storm.
  2. Drive only if it is absolutely necessary. …
  3. Walk carefully on snowy, icy, walkways.
  4. Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. …
  5. Keep dry.

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