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Why is cybersecurity important?


Cybersecurity is very important because so much of our lives are now digital, and our personal data is found on the internet, there is a greater need for cybersecurity awareness, which is why we have provided a few definitions of this concept.

According to Kaspersky, cybersecurity is the practice of defending against malicious attacks on computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data.

For Cisco, cybersecurity refers to a “practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks generally aim to access, modify or destroy confidential information; Extorting users or users or disrupting business continuity”.

Why is cybersecurity important?
Why is cybersecurity important?

Both statements describe cybersecurity in a similar way, to which we could add the criteria of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), which sees cybersecurity as a layer of protection for all information files.

It is very important that there are several layers of protection that are distributed among networks, computers, data, and programs that you want to keep safe. Cisco suggests that there should be a unified system in place to manage threats and to be able to detect, investigate, and correct them.

A cybersecurity breach can trigger serious problems, from personal files such as photos, videos or audios, to identity theft, including sensitive information that can lead to extortion.

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There are different types of cyber-attacks:

Ransomware: It prevents you from accessing your own information within your devices, it is like a data hijacking and they usually extort money to release it.

Pishing: This is how identity theft is known after stealing data through false links from banks or payment applications. After accessing it, they can steal money from you and make purchases without your authorization.

Spyware: It silently reaches your devices and, as its name says, spies on your activity and then steals information.

Adware: Fill your device with ads through pop-up windows.

Trojans: Just like the Trojan story, they invade your device but through a back door. This allows hackers access to your device to be able to carry out actions such as deletion, locks, or even have full control of the device.

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Cybersecurity is a very important topic. Devices such as routers, smartphones, and computers – which are called endpoints – must be protected, as well as the cloud and networks, for which firewalls, protections against malicious software, DNS filtering, and obviously antivirus are used.

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