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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?


Science works to give feasible dates for the end of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Answer from SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab.

The COVID-19 pandemic became the only thing that seems relevant in 2020, and contrary to other years, it seems that it passes very slowly under the theme of not getting infected, and leaving behind this complicated situation worldwide.

The COVID-19 has made stagger the entire global structure, the economy, the scope of medicine, and the way we behave humans. Not even the H1N1 epidemic did this. We live in strange times and this virus shows that we are far from controlling human beings at all.

Statistics to analyze the behavior of the COVID-19

We still have science, which works on the data that comes to light daily, and that perhaps shows the possibilities of predicting what will happen with the coronavirus. On the SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab company site, they perform a daily statistical analysis on the behavior of the pandemic worldwide.

In fact, they indicate that predictive monitoring is carried out on their site and then they calculate the values ​​that allow predicting what could happen with a certain degree of certainty.

The data comes from Milan Batista and Our World of Data. It should be noted that the SUTD site itself mentions that these data must be taken with reserve since the data changes from day to day and also. All this can be read in this article.

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According to the website, predicted with Data as of May 5, 2020, which may change tomorrow, it is estimated that 99% of coronavirus pandemic in the world will end as of December 29, 2021. However, the COVID-19 epidemic is expected to be a memory until December 2021. In other words, we will have practically had a year with this problem.

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Answer from SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab

This can mean only one thing: if these predictions are correct, then the quarantine isn’t going to end in late May and is likely to continue – at best – for 3 more weeks to June. If so, then let’s prepare ourselves for long confinement.

But why the government doesn’t tell us this?

It is clear that the economic problems derived from the COVID-19 are enormous in all countries. If we also consider that stopping the economy of our country is not a minor matter, pointing out that the quarantine could be extended 3 more weeks after May is something that nobody wants to hear because the incomes of many people are defined on a day-to-day basis and If they are already having a hard time, asking them for another three weeks doesn’t seem like the best idea.

It is understood that it is intended to save lives, but without economic movement, many people can also suffer from a very, very complicated problem, and it is clear that the decisions of this health emergency cannot be made solely with medical criteria. Thus, the government is in trouble, and decision-making is extremely complicated.

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