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What is Racism? Definition of Racism


What is Racism?

Racism is the complete system of belief that a particular race is inferior or superior to another, it can also be defined as the detestation of one person by another, and belief that one person is less than humans by discriminating them with skin color, languages, customs, place of birth and the basic nature of that person.

What is Racism

The main aspect of racism is toward the black and migrant group is clear in attitudes regarding slavers and slavery, however, racism continued in the modern community as well.

The cultural division is not to be understood as forced separation, curiously today it is the black peoples who can stand for the importance of the race, Cultural separation is a well-established justification among black leaders in US leaders like Marcus Garvey ( 1887-1940) who declared national separatism.

The problem of race associate with dark nature, it will never stop and we must stop to pretend that it just a bad and wrong concept that can be enhanced. It is hurting reality which is not a problem that we hunt it outside from our society since it is a part of human nature.

Stop Racism

Race devalues the realness of dark nature, however, in the present era, we refuse to accept the dark nature, the belief that all humans on this planet are equal and similar in all aspects.

The idea of racism is to make up to identify the difference between the people of Europe and decent Africans who were transported to America, by criticizing the Africans and African Americans as inferior humans, the favor of slavery attempted to justify and continue the system of utilization while presenting the United State as supporter and defenders of human freedom.

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At the starting of the 19th century, the concept of racism was spread in all over the world, in many countries, the leaders began to think about the culture of their own societies, either religious and language groups in the term of the race either higher or low races.

In North America and South Africa, the people directed that different races must be separated from one another and hence they have their own communities and starts their own organization like schools, hospitals, and churches, and that is unusual for them to marry a member of other races.

Internalized Racism:

Internalized racism disclosed as a minority believing, maybe even unintentionally that white is superior.

Horizontal Racism:

Horizontal racism happens when members of minority groups affect racist attitude toward the other minority groups, for example, if a Japanese American anticipate a Mexican American in positioned the racist categorization of Latinos begins in ordinary culture.

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