Easy and simple Weight loss tips: How to lose weight in a week

Easy and simple Weight loss tips: How to lose weight in a week

weight loss tips

How to lose weight fast and how to get rid of belly fat? This is an onerous job for some peoples. Losing weight is not as sacrificial or as difficult as you think, you just have to three premises clear and carry them out for only a week. If you follow these simple weight loss tips and guidelines just for seven days you will see how you can lose up to 2 kilos of weight.

weight loss tips

Forget about fad weight-loss diets and miracle products, the only real way to lose weight requires only one thing: burn more calories than you consume. And it is very simple. We teach you and we give you the simple weight loss tips that you can achieve easily and without making great sacrifices.

How we gain weight or lose weight?

The process of weight loss can be summarized as the simple difference between the amounts of calories you consume per day less the number of calories your metabolism burns daily. That is, if over the course of several days you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. On the other hand, if your daily calorie intake is less than the number of calories your body burns, you will lose weight. If the intake and calorie burn if equivalent, your weight will remain stable over the weeks.

Therefore, we can share our simple and easy weight loss tips, with these weight loss guidelines you will be able to get rid of your belly fats and your excess weight.

The goal is simple, if you want to lose weight fast, you should burns 500 calories a day than you consume. For this, you must introduce small challenges to our daily routine. Eat better and move a little more, and so almost without realizing it, you will have lost that couple of kilos that you have leftover.

Weight Loss Tips and know-how to lose belly fat in a week:

Mentalization for losing weight:

Mentalize yourself for weight loss, it’s only a week. If you really want to achieve it, but your goal in short term, in just a week you will see results and you will be encouraged to move forward.

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Weigh yourself daily. To maintain the goal, follow our weight loss tips and weight daily on an empty stomach when you get up.  Use a digital weight, so will see how you lose weight every day until you reach the two kilos in a week as promised.

Eating/ Weight loss diet:

Eat more vegetables and fruits, start each meal with a good plate of vegetables, prepared as you like. Eat as much as you want until you are satisfied. The fiber intake of vegetables will make you feel sated for long, preventing you from feeling hungry and stinging between meals. It complements the meal with egg, fish, or lean meat, always accompanied by salad.

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Forbidden white bread and refined pasta:

For a week, eliminate pasta, white bread, potatoes, and rice from our diet. After the first week, if you are introducing them again in the diet, it should be unrefined flour.

Avoid soft drinks:

Say no to soft drinks, energy drinks, or isotonic. It has a lot of sugar. A single can of Cola-Cola has 35 grams of sugar, which offers 139 kcal. Just as a comparison, 35 grams of sugar are 8 to 10 tablespoons of sugar. Already 139 kcal is the average cost of a 40-minute walk. If you consume more than one can of Coca-Cola per day, the simple fact of interrupting this consumption will really make you lose a good amount of kilos in a few weeks.

Drink a lot of water:

It is often claimed that drinking a lot of water can help weight loss. And that is true.

Drinking a lot of water can boost metabolism rate by 30%, which helps you to burn more calories in a short time and lose weight.

One study showed that drinking 0.5 liters of water about 30 min before every meal helps you to eat fewer calories and lose 45% of weight, compared to those who didn’t drink water before a meal.

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Also drinking water during meals is also beneficial for losing weight. After some bite, take a sip of water, this will make the stomach fill more quickly, reducing the amount of food necessary to meet your needs. When the stomach is full the body releases neurotransmitters responsible for the feeling of fullness.

Drink a lot water as you can, because as much water you drink, the caloric intake is 0%. Add a few slices of lemon, if it seems boring.

Drink black coffee:

Quality coffee is full of antioxidants and has many other health benefits as well. A recent study showed that caffeine in coffee increases the burning rate of fats in the body up to 20-30%.

Just make sure that not to add sugar or another carbohydrate to your coffee. That will completely reverse the benefits.

Test the Apple:

If you are really hungry, you would like to eat even an apple. If it’s not like that, you’re not hungry you are just bored.

Do not skip meals:

If you think skipping a one-time meal is good for weight loss. You are wrong. If you do it to eat less, you’ll end up eating more. When you skip a meal, you arrive much more hungry to the next meal and you will devour, getting the opposite effect to the desired one.

This is also one of our weight loss tips that do not do long periods of fasting during the day. Avoid being hungry, it is better to eat 4 or 5 small meals during the day, with few hours of intervals. Large intervals between meals decelerate the metabolism and increase the release of insulin at the moment of eating, the main two factors which prevent the patient from losing weight.

Do Exercise/ Weight loss Exercises:

The most effective weight loss tip is exercise.  Physical exercises burn calories not only at the time of exercise but also for several hours later.

Cardio exercises for a minimum of 30 min a day

You must move to burn some more calories and lose weight fast. If you are not used to doing sports, it well enough for you to move and walk for one hour a day at a brisk pace. It will help you to burn 350 calories per hour.

Walking is good for copd patient

If, on the other hand, if you are used to doing aerobic exercises, independently of the chosen exercise modality (spinning, running, or swimming) move to the exercise in intervals. 30 min a day will be enough.

Get Muscles:

The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn. For this reason, we have proposed the following very simple plan. Perform the following exercises three times a week without making any rest between them.

Push-Ups, Squats, and ABS. 

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Additional Weight Loss Tips:

  • Sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours a day. Our body spends more calories when we sleeping in deep sleep than we are just lying down whether reading a book or watching TV. Those who sleep little have a greater risk of gaining weight.
  • If possible, go to work on a bicycle. Leave your car at home. Most of the cities in the world have bicycle tracks to make their population healthier.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. This helps you to lose weight and strengthen your lower limbs.
  • Eat slowly, chew food well and take a break during meals. This will allow times for the body’s satiety mechanisms to activate.

Losing weight is much easier than maintaining the lost weight. To maintain a healthy weight you need to change your lifestyle and diet habits, otherwise, you will continue to suffer the rebound effect.

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