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Uses of Computer in our daily Life


The first electronic computer was used to perform difficult numeric calculations, but with the passage of time uses of computer in our daily life become very important. Computer science is evaluated and challenged by humans daily. From Engineers to Doctors, Students, Teachers, government organizations they all use it to perform specific tasks, for entertainment, online earnings, and office work. If the computer uses are for good purposes then it is a blessing for humans.

In this article/essay, we cover the following topics: a) Importance of Computers in our daily life. b) Top 10 Uses of Computer in daily life. c) Impact of a computer in our everyday life.

Importance of Computer in our Daily Life:

Computers have made our life easier with the passage of time. With greater quality and accuracy, less time taking computers can do a lot in a short time while that task can take a lot of time if we do it manually.

You can understand and analyze the importance of computers by seeing a revolution in offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication, and digital banking online games, and most grooming facility Online Earnings. Computers have taken industries and businesses to a global level. They are used at home for online education, entertainment, in offices, in hospitals, private firms, NGOs, Software houses, Government sectors Etc. The computer is a very vast field in every sector and everywhere.

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Top 10 Uses of Computer in our Daily Life:

Below is the list of the top 10 important uses of computers in different sectors.

  1. Health sector
  2. Education
  3. Business
  4. Banking
  5. Gaming and entertainment
  6. Home use
  7. Communication
  8. Publishing
  9. Marketing
  10. Government Departments
  11. Science

Here I discuss the above points in details:

  1. Uses of Computer in Health Sector:

A computer is used in the hospital which provides many benefits for doctors and patients. Specialized hospital management software used to automate the day-to-day procedures and operations at hospitals. These tasks may be online appointments, payroll admittance and discharge records, etc.


Uses of computer in the Health Sector

  • Computers are used to store data about patients, their diseases & symptoms, the medicines that are prescribed
  • Research on diseases, blood tests, and urine tests, brain testing, and body scanning, etc.
  • The computer keeps records and Data on Medicines.
  • Record of Doctors
  • Record of Patients
  • Monitoring System

2. Uses of Computer in Education:

As we know education is the most important part of life. Computers are being used regularly in educational institutes to improve the learning process. It includes online tutorials, lectures, Multimedia, Presentations, online education through the internet. Teachers can also prepare slides on computers and teach through multimedia.


Use of computer in education

CBT stands for (Computer Based Training), prepares for different educational programs with the help of professional teachers and audio-visual aids. These educational programs are generally in the shape of lectures, tutorials on a specific subject. CBT is a low-cost solution for educating people. You can train a large number of people easily.

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Other uses of computer in education are:

  • Downloading online education materials
  • Keeping the record of students in College/universities
  • Student Database account
  • University database
  • Storing a record of employees

3) Uses of computer in Business:


Uses of Computer in Business

The use of computer technology in business is growing rapidly. Businessmen are using computers to interact with their customers anywhere in the world. Many business tasks are performed more quickly and efficiently. We can start a business, run a business, and manage a business and we can grow our business through the use of computers and social media.

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The computer can be used in business in the following ways:

  • Any individual today can start their business from home. Freelancing is a big example. Freelancers are working remotely from home with the use of computers and the internet and making money online.
  • An organization can use computers for marketing its products. Marketing applications provide information about the products to customers.
  • Data entry, MS Word, etc. they can start data typing and editing work from home.
  • The stock exchange uses computers to conduct bids.

4) Uses of computer in the banking sector:


Uses of Computer in the Banking sector

The use of a computer in the banking sector is widely used in keeping the record of their customers. Banks are using a computer to deposit customer money in their account. They are also using a computer for the customer account management system, an opening of a new account. This process is faster and accurate.

  • Banks are also providing ATMs to withdraw and cash deposit ATMs for their customer.
  • Whenever we deposit, withdraw money we get messages on our mobile number.
  • We can see and print our transaction records without visiting banks. The whole process of banking is done by a computer.
  • Online banking through Mobiles, Computers.

5) Use of computer for Entertainment:


Uses of Computer for entertainment

The computer makes it easy to watch entertainment videos or playing games and it also saves time money. For example, we don’t need to buy a DVD for watching movies or play games, we can do it online by sitting at home and with the help of internet access you can do whatever you want.

6) Uses of Computer at Home:

Uses of a computer at home depend on the user they want to search and look for. Some people using the computer at home for online education, for online learning, online earnings, online business, use of social media, online games, listen to songs and movies, etc.


Use of computer at home

  • We can use a computer at home for learning new skills and hobbies.
  • By using MS Excel, you can calculate and manage your monthly expenses.
  • You can make your Resume/CV.
  • Also, you can make money online by sitting at home through freelancing.
  • Kids can play games on a computer as well.

7. Uses of a computer for Communication

The computer makes real-time communication very easy through the internet, thanks to social media applications like messenger, WhatsApp, and video conferencing apps like Skype and Zoom. Families can connect with audio and video calling free of cost.

use of-computer-for-communication

Use of computer for communication

Businessmen hold a meeting with international clients on different applications through the internet. Modern computers are built-in microphones and cameras for better communication.

8. Use of computer for Publication

The computer can be used for different types of design for publication, it can be used for the publication of books, fashion magazines, newspapers, marketing materials. Computer publication saves time, effort, and money.

9. Uses of computer in Government Departments

Computers are used in almost every Government Departments to improves the quality and efficiency of their services. For example, law enforcement, traffic, tourism. Computers can be used to store information, market their brand, communicate internally and externally as well as for routine administrative purposes.

10. Science

Scientists were the first ones who used the computer as a work tool. In science, the computer can be used for research, sharing information with other local or international scientists as well as collecting and analyzing storing data. The computer also plays a vital role in launching and making a spacecraft as well as operating other advanced technology.

Impact of a computer on our daily life:

Our life is fully impacted by computers. Today one cannot survive without computer technologies and the internet. The use of the computer with internet connection in daily life changed our habits. It’s a good living practice by a human because many people are in favor of Technology.

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The computer can impact our life negatively too if above-paragraphed habits turn into bad habits. You need to understand and analyze what you want to do today, and what is important to you to accomplish today by using a computer. Once you will find out about it then start using the computer each day and it will make life easier, faster, and more importantly, satisfy at the end of the day.

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