Top 10 Places and Cities to Celebrate New Year's Eve Around the World

Top 10 places and cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve


Far from the iconic Times Square in New York, we publish a list of the best destinations, cities, and places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

How was your 2020? Amazing or not? Better not to mention the subject? As the last days of the year left, it does not matter. The new year 2020 is coming and it’s time to celebrate new years’ eve! The great cities of the world are in the last stages of frantic preparation to receive the New Year 2020 in their finery. What do you think is the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Take a look at our favorite destinations to celebrate New Year’s night.

More than 100 years ago, the descent of the ball in Times Square, New York is the most emblematic and famous celebration of New Year’s Eve in the world. But despite being the most famous destination, it is not the only one, nor the largest or the most expensive.

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Here we publish a list of the best places and cities that are worth visiting on the eve of the New Year 2021:

Top 10 Cities to Celebrates New Year’s Eve

  1. Sydney, Australia

As the first major city to receive the New Year, Sydney likes to show us how it is done. After an air show, a ceremony celebrating Aboriginal culture, and an early display of fireworks for children (or impatient adults), illuminated boats dance on the water for the “Harbor of Light Parade”. But it’s midnight when Sydney really dazzles, as the fireworks are launched from the Harbor Bridge, filling the sky with color over the Sydney Opera House.

Watch Sydney Previous New Year Celebration

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish takes New Year’s Eve very seriously, and they even have their own name:  Hogmanay. In Edinburgh this means much more than a party of one night, it is a festival of music, dance, and food that lasts three days! You can participate in a procession of torches on December 30, celebrate New Year’s Eve at one of the largest street parties in the world, and join the brave (or fools) who celebrate New Year’s Night by jumping into the frozen waters of the Firth of Forth in “Loony Dook”.


Hogmanay New Year Night Celebration Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Times Square, Manhattan, New York

New York City has an environment on New Year Night that very few cities have. It is the meeting point of more than one million people who welcome the New Year together. Times Square is the place where you should be to make the countdown, although also from a skyscraper or near the Statue of Liberty you can admire the fireworks in all their glory.


Times Square, Manhattan, New York, New Year’s Eve

4. London, United Kingdom

London is the main rival of Sydney for the crown of “The best fireworks in the end of the year”, and without a doubt, it has a great backdrop to work. Here you will see the latest and most spectacular avant-garde pyrotechnics, and both Big Ben and the Houses of Westminster look more spectacular than ever when bathed in the light of 12,000 fireworks!

Tickets for official sightseeing spots cost only £ 10, but if they are sold out or if you want to avoid crowds, the city is full of places where you can watch the show for free.

Watch London New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2018

5. Niagara Falls, Canada

Even the beautiful skyline of the city cannot compete with one of the most amazing spectacles of nature. Every year, the City of Niagara receives 30,000 people at a free party at Queen Victoria Park, on the edge of the majestic waterfalls. After the performances of some of the best musical talents in Canada, a magnificent light show and a fireworks display turn the white expanse of whipped water into all the colors of the rainbow.

Niagara Falls, Canada, new year's eve

Niagara Falls, Canada New Year’s Eve

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Following the example of Times Square in New York, the Central World Mall in Bangkok also has a large 20-meter ball that falls at midnight, although with a different atmosphere and with Thai pop stars giving shows. It is customary to make offerings of food, candles, and flowers to the monks in the nine sacred Buddhist temples, such as Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho.


Bangkok Thailand New Year’s Eve

7. Berlin, Germany

Berlin hosts one of the biggest year-end parties in Europe, with more than one million visitors joining the “Party Mile”, near the Brandenburg Gate. Low winter temperatures require a substantial amount of champagne and dancing to keep you warm while watching huge city fireworks and laser shows.

Watch Firework in Berlin, Germany on New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

8. Auckland, New Zealand

Thousands of neighbors congregate around the Auckland harbor to see the fireworks that fire in large numbers from the city’s Sky Tower.

auckland-New Zealand-new-year's-eve

Auckland New Zealand New Year’s Eve Celebration

9. Las Vegas, United States

Obviously “the city of sin” cannot be left behind. The number of end-of-year shows in hotels, casinos, and restaurants cannot be counted.

You could receive the year by counting down in the center of the city. Although you may find it more attractive to start the year having some excesses in a famous bar. Either way, make sure you are very high if you want to enjoy better the fireworks that are launched from seven different points of the city.


Las Vegas, United States, New Year’s Eve Celebration

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in the world, it is no wonder that Dubai does everything it can to surprise on New Year’s Eve, bringing together a sea of ​​spectators who gather in front of the city’s imposing Burj Khalifa skyscraper to see the pyrotechnics that emerges as a waterfall from some of the 160 floors of the building. Then there is a four-hour show of lasers, fire, water, and music at the Dubai Fountain.

Watch in HD, Dubai New Year’s Fireworks 2017

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