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The Earth is changing its color due to Global Warming

global warming

New research reveals that due to global warming the increase in ocean temperatures is causing the Earth to change color.

global warming

The Earth is changing color due to global warming

Global warming is one of the biggest problems in recent years, and although many people believe that there is, many are convinced that doing something about it eventually sentenced to life on this planet, at least as we know it until now. Currently, Chicago and Australia are being hit by extreme climates that are not “normal”, and scientists point out that all this is a result of global warming.

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Likewise, new research mentions that the color of the planet Earth is also changing due to global warming, something that must surely be another wake-up call for governments and people to start implementing solutions to this problem.

The Earth is getting more and more Bluer

Although it may seem good news that the color of the Earth is increasingly blue, the reality is that it is the opposite, because our planet should have a much more greenish tone, at least that way it should be seen from space.

And is that according to researchers, the amount and types of phytoplankton have much to do with the color of the surface of the ocean. But what is phytoplankton? Basically, it is the base of the marine food web, plus it concentrates 50% of all photosynthesis that takes place on the planet.



The phytoplankton is green, so the fact that the seas begin to lose that greenish hue to become increasingly blue reveals that phytoplankton is dying, and that is much more serious than it sounds.

The researchers mention that the increase of the temperature, the oceanic currents, or the oceanic acidity affects the growth of the different types of phytoplankton. And they warn that if the temperature of the world’s marine surface continues to increase the color of more than half of the oceans will change.

This, in turn, will have many repercussions on the marine life of the oceans, which in turn will have a direct impact on society, since many species could disappear, and many others have damaging changes.

And although at first glance humans are not going to realize this change of color, satellites can see this change of color that we are causing on the planet.

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