Sabrina Pasterski the "Next Einstein" after Stephen Hawking & Albert

Sabrina Pasterski “Next Einstein” Called by Harvard University

Sabrina Pasterski,

The Next New Einstein “Sabrina Pasterski” Harvard University Graduate:

Meet Sabrina Pasterski, a Harvard University Graduate. She is only 24 years old. At the age of 14, she built and flew her own single-engine airplane. Stephen Hawking follows her on Twitter. At M.I.T. She got the highest grade possible. Harvard University called her the next Einstein. Let’s directly come towards the Achievements and Publications of Sabrina Pasterski.

Sabrina Pasterski Airplane:

She built and flew her own single-engine airplane when she was aged 14.  

This one is usually proper. According to Pasterski’s account on her internet website online, her grandfather gifted her a Cessna 150 airplane for her 10th birthday. Over the following couple of years, Pasterski got help from a mechanic and others in rebuilding and making the plane’s engine and constructing the body for a new aircraft. She informed the Chicago Tribune in a 2015 interview that she first went up in an aircraft at the age of 9.

2 days before her 14th birthday, Pasterski flew the plane by herself in Canada. She created a Video.

Sabrina Pasterski Got the highest Grade:

This is true, She was 14 years old when she got admission into MIT. Sabrina Pasterski got the highest grade at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her perfect grade point average (GPA) received extensive coverage after she graduated from MIT with a grade point average of 5.0 at MIT, becoming the first woman to graduate at the top of her undergrad program in 20 years. Harvard University called her “the next Einstein:” 

Sabrina Pasterski Awards and Honors:

Sabrina Pasterski “The Physics Girl” Publications and CV:

A detailed Bio, Publication, an overview of Sabrina Pasterski CV.

Surprising Facts About Millennial Physics Phenom Sabrina Pasterski:

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1. A paper released by Stephen Hawking in January cites two papers co-authored by Pasterski and one she authored on her own
2. She has never had a boyfriend, smoked a cigarette, or tried alcohol.
3. She was waitlisted when she first applied in 2011. At her graduation, she had earned a 5.00 GPA, the highest possible marking.

4. She does not own a smartphone and avoids social media.

5. She is still online—operating her own website and YouTube accounts.

6. She has been granted thousands of dollars to support her work, including a $250,000 fellowship (through 2020) and a $150,000 fellowship with the National Science Foundation

7. She appeared on the front page of the Chicago Tribune when she was just 16 years old

8. She was featured in a “30 under 30” column in Scientific American when she was just 19 years old

9. She has given talks at Princeton, Harvard, MIT, and the Forbes Summit Philadelphia.

[su_note note_color=”#2bf038″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Pasterski has received remarkable feedback from experts, who first noticed the young girl after watching a video of her build her single-engine airplane.[/su_note]

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