National Pet Day 2018 - Everything You Need to Know

National Pet Day 2018 – Everything You Need to Know

National Pet Day

National Pet Day 2018:

We Celebrate National Pet Day as another unofficial holiday, like Siblings Day, International Day of Happiness and Valentine’s Day that encourages us all to give little extra attention to our Pets. While loving our pets is something we do every day, National Pet Day encourages us to pay special attention to pets who may not get that extra attention.  Helping out orphaned pet companions will improve their health and improve their opportunities for adoption. Pet Day is a chance for those of us who own pets to show them how much we love them. So we call national love your pet day 2018.

“Many people believe that humans are superior to animals, but is that really true? We’re not able to come close to possessing the pure & perfect unconditional love that animals offer. If we could, we’d have no need for this day… because all the shelters would be empty”.
-Colleen Paige – National Pet Day Founder.

National Pet Day

When is National Pet Day?

National Pet Day 2018 is on Tuesday, April 11, 2018 and has been celebrated since the year 2005 after being launched. National Pet Day is considered to be celebrated on April 11 every year. April is also known as National Pet Month and goals to promote accountable pet ownership across the UK with instructional campaigns, boost awareness of the benefits of dwelling with pets and operating with operating and help associate animals.

International Pet Day:

International Pet Day is same as National Pet Day and celebrated all over the world on April 11th of every year.

How to Celebrate National Pet Day:

  • The official National Pet Day website offers some ways you can mark the special day:
  • Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue center
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Donate pet essentials like food, blankets and toys to an animal welfare organization
  • Hold a demonstration outside a pet store that sells pets from puppy or kitten mills
  • Help an elderly person with pets by buying food or other needed items
  • Buy your pet a new toy
  • Hold a National Pet Day party
  • Share photos of your pets on the official National Pet Day Facebook page

National Pet Day Celebrations by Politicians & Celebrities:

What is National Pet Day – Brief History:

National Pet Day was founded by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige in 2005 with the aim of celebrating pets, but to also create awareness about the suffering that some animals have to endure while waiting in rescue shelters.

Colleen Paige is also the founder of National Dog Day, National Puppy Day and National Cat Day. The official website shares a statement from Colleen: ‘I believe all animals are sentient beings that deserve our love and compassion…even not-so-cuddly animals like reptiles and rats.

National Pet Day Images:

Facts about Pets:

  • 80 million households in the United States currently have a pet
  • In the U.S., there are almost 80 million pets dogs and almost 86 million pet cats
  • With the proper care, goldfish can live 30-40 years in captivity
  • Adult dogs normally have about 42 teeth
  • Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet
  • A group of cats is called a clowder
  • Cats sleep about 13 to 14 hours per day, on average

National Pet Day is a great day to do something for a pet you love or to help one of the many abandoned pets in animal shelters around the world. After all, pets are an important part of our lives and do so much for us, so shouldn’t we really give something back to them to show them our appreciation?


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