Mars Rover | A Columbus to Mars | Facts and Design

Mars Rover | A Columbus to Mars | Facts and Design

NASA's Mars Rover 2020

Exploration of things is always being the nature of humans they always feel fascination about discovering new things around them. For a long time, scientists and researchers believe in the presence of life on other planets and for that, they are constantly struggling to gather information about it. For this purpose different machines are in use and Mars Rover is one of them.

NASA's Mars Rover 2020

NASA’s Mars Rover 2020

What makes Mars Rovers so important for the exploration of the Red Planet?

Mars rover is a kind of robot that propels across the surface of the red planet known as Mars. Other machines like Landers (a kind of spacecraft) are also used for such purposes which take photos and information from landing their spots but Mars Rover has special abilities over other stationary spacecraft they are specialized moving around to different spots touching rocks, clay, and different materials that help to find fascinating things about Mars.

Over the decades since 1970 scientists have been sending different machines with different abilities to Red Planets for gathering knowledge about different stuff and understand their ingredients. While studying these rocks reveals scientists much more about the environment.

What makes Mars Rover so Tantalizing?

Curiosity rover is one of the amazing gifts of technology which has a lot of special features and abilities. It has 17 cameras for clocking around and 1 telescope. Because of the intensity of cosmic radiation on Mars more as compare to earth a normal computer or machine won’t survive for the reason each circuit is made with materials like Sapphire and Boron (depleted) which protect them against radiations and each one of them is very expensive worthy of 200,000$.

Mars Rover has a single arm with wheels that have patterns on them for tracking the progress of movements. It has a special part called Rove Compute Element (RCE). An old PowerPC 750 chip of G4 Macintosh is used for controlling the whole machine.

Rovers are designed with an instrument called SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars). Which exerts like a human mouth putting different kinds of rocks and material for checking a certain amount of gases and water etc.

In the case of direct communication with earth, it would have been so difficult to send information back to earth. But the presence of Orbiters makes it easy to send back information indirectly to us.

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