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How to deal with depression in quarantine


COVID-19 is causing fear and anxiety throughout the world. It’s been a couple of weeks since people are confined to their homes in self-quarantine because of coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus disease is more stressful for many people. It can be quite difficult for some people to deal with the loneliness and the depression that comes with no outdoor activities. Today, we write on How to deal with depression in quarantine.

Researches confirm that isolation and loneliness for extroverts are equivalent to having 15 cigarettes per day. Being isolated with no physical activities can actually take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health.

How to deal with depression in quarantine

We are going to give you some tips in this article on how to deal with depression in quarantine.

How to deal with depression in quarantine:

1. Make a routine

An unstructured routine can play a part in your depression and anxiety. Make a habit of waking up at the same time as your office or college hours. Take a lunch and tea break. And the same goes for your children who are home from school make a routine for them as well.

2. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins reduce the perception of pain and also trigger positive feelings in the body which can be a big help in your confined days. Exercise is the biggest cure for your depression and anxiety nowadays. Make a habit out of it.

3. Avoid unhealthily behaviors

Avoid unhealthy habit likes smoking and unhealthy eating habits or sleeping habits. Over-eating or under-eating and interrupted or a poor sleeping schedule can play a big role in making you depressed. Keep a healthy diet and sleeping pattern. Keep yourself busy with some activity that you feel interested in.

4. Pick a new activity to keep busy

Try to keep yourself then simply watch television the whole time. Organize your cupboard, clean your kitchen and home. Start learning knitting and playing crossword puzzles. Start to paint silly drawings all of these activities will give you a sense of accomplishment than sitting idly at home and will keep your mind busy.

5. Plan a virtual gathering

Take an hour or two for your loved ones and connect with them virtually even if the pandemic is keeping you away from each other physically. Talk to them on video calls and let your children set play dates with their friends online. Don’t let social distancing turn into social isolation. Seeing and talking to your loved ones can keep you happy and help with keeping depression far away from you.

6. Take a break from the news

Yes, It’s important to keep yourself informed about what’s going on in the world and with the pandemic but too much gruesome information 24/7 can do nothing other than to add to your anxiety. Stay away from 24/7 news. Find alternative ways to the point and precise information like the CDC Centers For Disease Control and Prevention through it you will get all the information you actually need without going into depressing details.

7. Give a helping hand

Help the isolated elders or physically disabled people who don’t have anyone to help them or give back to society one way or another start a program for giving out food to the needy and medicines to the sick. Do all of this while wearing all of your protective gear against the pandemic for your safety and others as well. Helping others out in these difficult times will give you a sense of purpose in your self-isolation.

8. Remind yourself why

When you feel depressed then try to remind yourself why are you doing this? Why are you imposing self -isolation on yourself? For your loved ones for your Vulnerable parents for keeping your vulnerable loved ones and your neighbors down the street safe.

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You are keeping yourself in confinement so you don’t become the carrier for the deadly virus. You are not just keeping yourself safe but doing a favor to the world in general.

That’s are some of our tips on how to deal with depression in quarantine. All of these thoughts can help you feel better about the confinement situation and give you a sense of purpose that you are playing a big role in doing nothing more than just keeping yourself isolated. You are a new superhero.

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