Energy | what is Renewable and Alternative Energy sources?

Energy | The Thing that Created and Runs the Universe

Energy runs the whole system around us

According to the scientific studies the word Energy refers to anything that has the ability to exert. So it means that body or any object has an amount of energy. Its use ranges from the creation of the universe to a tiny thing like atoms.

Everything around us keeps some kind of energy. It varies from object to object some having immense in amount and some having inconsiderable. Comparing a human body and the energy coming out of volcano both has an enormous difference.

Energy runs the whole system around us

Energy runs the whole system around us

It runs the whole system around us like use for domestic purposes, keeping our transportation go on, running our industries, education, business, in fact, everything around us relies on the use of energy.

The world is abundant with consumption of distinct kinds of energies like:

  • Kinetic
  • Potential
  • Solar
  • Thermal
  • Light
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Gravitational
  • Elastic
  • Sound

And a lot more kinds are processing within different sectors which make us gain effort against our jobs. For gaining much efficiency to come across any hurdles and makes our timeless consuming we are always in need of greater amount of energy for accomplishing any goals.

Renewable and Non Renewable Energy & its Sources:

Most of the non-renewable energies come from sources which cannot be turned back to its original form. Like the use of fossil fuels i-e coal, petroleum and natural gases.

Most of these fuels contain Carbon dioxide as their main element. The time period for the formation of such fuels is 300-600 million years which is a long period and cannot be replenished in our lifetime.

While on the other hand, renewable energies come from the sources that can be made reusable again to endeavor our goals.  Like

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Biomass etc

What makes Renewable Energy more Efficient against Non-Renewable?

Several reasons reveal that efficiency and friendly behavior of renewable energies over non-renewable. Which can be explained economically and environmentally. Consumption of renewable energies is very safe and friendly with environment. Usage of such energies makes its effort against global warming, helps in improving public health, inexhaustible energy, stability in prices, helps in economic development, jobs and much more.

Renewable Energy is more efficient and environmental friendly

Renewable Energy is more efficient and environmental friendly

While usage of non-renewable energies produces harmful effects. That make it a culprit in day by day increase in global warming, increase in health issues, very expensive. And not everyone is the world is willing to afford such elements that produce non-renewable energies.

Not only for human but wild and marine life is affecting its consumption. The European counties have turned their face towards the production of power from solar and wind energies which can be used to control over the rapid increase of global warming.

Sweden uses its ability to generate 20% of their power from burning trash recycling their scrap and garbage to make it for efficient power generation. Rather than putting it somewhere that could harm human, wild or marine life. They are importing garage from their neighboring European countries for generation of their power.

List of countries that are shifting to renewable energies by signing Paris Agreement for removal of greenhouse gases due to the usage of non-renewable energies

  • Sweden
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Uruguay
  • Denmark
  • China
  • Morocco
  • USA


Why Energy is a Paramount Agent for Economic Development of a Country?

Although there are a lot of things which can be considering the reason for development and prosperity of a country. But most importantly energy is above all energy is a crucial ingredient in the economic growth of a state.

Using the equation of production function the economic inputs like labor, capital and various forms of energies can be converted to economic outputs like manufactured goods and services. The backbone of economic growth of many developed countries is their vast reserve of energy. The whole Middle East is rich with crude oil which makes them exceptionally higher GDP producers.

More electrical power means more growth in domestic, commercial and industrial production. And more production mean higher GDP which will make a state economically strong. Like the production of higher electrical energy will boost up educational, social, economic, commercial and industrial life in a state.

 The 3rd world Countries, More Consumers or More Producers:

The developing countries or sometimes refer to 3rd world countries which are neither the part of NATO nor Axis powers. Developing a nation means boosting infrastructure and pillar of such strength is the production of electric power.  Most important of all electrical energy is what bolster other sectors like education, business, industry and social life which can strengthen a country’s GPD production.

Unfortunately the developing world is suffering from energy crisis especially electric power a report by world bank. Said that roughly 1 out of 7 people live without electricity globally which means 1.1-1.3 billion people are living without electrical energy. Which uses biomass i-e coal or wood as their source of need, originating indoor air pollution which is the cause of 4 million deaths annually.

The overwhelming concentration of energy deficiency is mostly found in rural India and Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many countries of the developing countries. And the provision of electricity is also expensive within areas. Although the current Indian making efforts to overcome the shortfall and provide 24 hours of electricity by 2022. But other countries like Africans, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other members of the 3rd world still need attention to overcome their energy crisis. In 2012 United Nations launched an initiative to lay their efforts against energy poverty worldwide.


 What Need to be done for Developing Countries to Generate Power from Cheap Method?

The reason for the shortfall of electric power inside the 3rd world is their low GDP and poor ways of generating power. There can be many cheap ways to overcome the shortage of electricity within developing countries. Like usage of

  • Solar power
  • Small wind turbines
  • Biomass stoves
  • Solar water heaters
  • Combined heat and power with the use of wastes
  • Geothermal energy
  • Tidal energy

All of them use the renewable source of energy which can be planted cheaply and it would be very friendly to the environment.


The Future Tech and Battle against Environmental Changes:

In today’s world most of the counties worldwide using non-renewable energies as their source of power generation. Which originate toxic greenhouse gases causing a deadly effect on environment making its way for an overwhelming increase in global warming every year.

Such immense disorder is driving global attention for the solution that’s why the world is turning its face for the elimination of greenhouse gases which result in these changes.

Technology is now making its way for beating such issues by intending to override global environmental changes. The top upcoming potential sources of energies of tomorrow are

  1. Space based solar power

The consumption of energies from the sun is very less then we get from the sun every hour. And to save such power an idea reveals to tinker giant solar farms in space. That will catch the sun energy in higher concentration for storage into small solar collectors. And this energy will be sent to earth wirelessly either through laser or microwave beams. It’s still an idea for future it’s too costly and very immense idea to implement.

  1. Power from human movements

A normal human body can also be turned into a source of energy. Scientists are exerting on the generation of power from human body movements. The Lawrence Berkley national laboratory is using a virus to turn pressure into electricity.

  1. Using Tidal energy

Using motion of the ocean can make the world light up several times. Tidal power for the reason most of the companies are figuring out about its possibility.



  1. Using hydrogen

Hydrogen is one of the abundant elements in the world which lives in combination with other elements. Once it separated from other can be pumped into mobile fuels that are able to be converted into electricity.

  1. Nuclear wastes

The nuclear fission plants are the traditional reactors that have been using for decades. Which use something like light-water technology for surrounding fuel rods for slowing neutrons and sustaining nuclear reaction. But there is another way that can turn nuclear fission reaction efficient by 95%.

There are a lot more ways that are under observation for making the power generation more efficient and environmental friendly.

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