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Deforestation and how it thumps the Climate? Why the world needs to move for Afforestation?

deforestation negative effects

You probably have felt a great deal of change since you are a part of this world. Like how the climate used to be and how do you feel it now. There may be a lot more reasons behind it but deforestation is one of the main reasons.

The term deforestation is the reduction of stand trees or forests and thereafter results in a place with no trees. Deforestation is caused by either natural or human consumption of trees. Therefore, it happens in many forms like wildfire, agriculture clear-cutting, overgrazing of livestock, logging for timber, and much more.

deforestation negative effects

Trees and greeneries are the jewel and beauty of lands therefore their reduction cause several environmental issues.

Deforestation leads to the loss of millions of species 

Nearly eighty percent of the world’s inhabitants dwell in the jungle world which is a big ratio. However, it’s not only the human being who has the right to live freely in this world. Deforestation means invading their homes and killing them.

The top countries which are involved in 13.7 hectares per year of deforestation…

  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Congo
  • Indonesia
  • Peru
  • India

One of the ultimate reasons behind climate change is deforestation  

Plants not only give places great beauty but their weather also relies upon the presence of trees & greeneries. The drastic change in climate is because of the rapid global deforestation.

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One of the reasons behind global warming is the reduction of trees from the forests. However, plants normalize the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen consumption. The reverse of carbon dioxide sequestration which leads to the emission of greenhouse gases is the result of cutting down or burning trees.

Studies revealed that forests attract rainfall and the occurrence of drought in western Africa supports it. Furthermore, trees provide a pleasant environment for the inhabitants dwelling in that area. The severe smog problem in China is due to heavy industrialization and deforestation.

Other negative losses that deforestation can cause and affect the environment

Deforestation can result in many other harmful effects to the environment that can cause losses to almost all global inhabitants.  Consequently, the rapid desertification all over the world is one of the outcomes of cutting trees.

Anchoring the soil that out-turns erosion throughout the tropic is the consequence of terminating greeneries from the world.  Therefore, the more we do environmental crimes, consequently the more we imbalance nature.

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Globally banning deforestation and going for large scale Afforestation can avoid such disasters

Afforestation refers to the plantation of stand trees in places where there was no forest before. Recently the United Nations informed that protecting forests is fundamental to human security on earth.

Need for great number of plantation globally

Therefore things need to be done for promoting measures for afforestation like

  • Regulation on cutting of trees.
  • Decreasing and control over the forest fire.
  • Increasing the percentage of land areas under afforestation.
  • Public Sessions and training over spreading awareness on the importance of planting trees.
  • Similarly, the involvement of governments in afforestation is also very effective in this regard.

According to a report from 2005 the following countries are with largest areas of afforestation in hectares per year

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • United States
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Sudan

Even the economically challenging counties like Pakistan are stepping forward for afforestation in northern Pakistani regions by naming it the Tsunami Billion Tress project.

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