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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet is the most popular and innovative creation in the world of technology. Everything has its pros and cons, and the internet is certainly no exception. The use of the internet has also advantages and disadvantages. For example, On the one hand, you have more knowledge than at any other time in history. On the other hand, there are violent websites or dangerous content, and, in addition, people can be anonymous, which allows generating even more violence. But because of its vast advantages, the world has now become internet-dependent. In this article, I will detail a list of the most important advantages and disadvantages of internet.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding novelty in the field of communication in the history of mankind. If you are one of those who spend hours and hours in front of the laptop on the internet, surely you have ever wondered what may be the advantages or disadvantages that revolve around its use.

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Advantages of the Internet

  1. Access to Information.

A lot of information at your fingertips for any topic that is possible to imagine, since with this great invention many barriers have been broken and it is enough to type what we are looking for and a click to display thousands of results offering data, from the most recent possible until written with years of antiquity.

2. Communication

The main advantage of the internet is communication.  Through social networks, videoconferences, chats, or specialized portals you can access debates, comments, opinions, photos, videos of other people, and have real-time communication. Whether for professional or personal purposes, the internet allows us to have better communication with people from all over the world.

3. Access to Learning

Online Education is definitely a good option for those who need to improve their academic level. Therefore, currently, educational systems are mostly using these benefits to support the teaching of their students and thus increase their motivation in learning content.

On the other hand, platforms such as Wikipedia, Coursera, and Teachertube have also been opened, among others, which have dedicated themselves to imparting knowledge to people of all ages.

4. Globalization

It has also allowed us to take into account all the above, explore other cultures and ideologies that otherwise might have been impossible. Social networks play a very important role in this sense, since millions of people gather in one place, regardless of language, country, or distance.

5. Entertainment

Another advantage of the internet is that it provides us entertainment. Songs, Movies, Games, and other videos are available on the internet for free. Likewise, if we want to be aware of the lives of our favorite celebrities, we can also do it with just a click on our mouse through digital magazines or news from the center.

6. Create New Jobs

The internet does not only allow us to be in contact with our friends but also to search and request job offers through the communities and portals that exist for it. As we all know, there are chat rooms and social networks that help us find jobs. With the arrival of the Internet, new jobs have been created that previously did not exist related to the virtual world and the network.

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7. E-Commerce

The Internet has also revolutionized the concept of buying. We no longer need to move to the stores that we like to buy, we have them all with just a click of our mouse. It has also changed the way to access ticket purchases for the cinema or to carry out our banking and travel arrangements.

Disadvantages of the Internet

  1. Privacy Problem

If the appropriate measures are not taken, our personal information may suffer threats and be used by other people for not very adequate purposes, whether to make us cyberbullying or sexting, etc. Also, any important file or E-mail can be easily hacked by hackers.

2. Addiction

Another disadvantage of the internet is that it creates addiction. New disorders such as cyber addiction have been developed. People who make excessive use of the internet affect their lives negatively causing a high degree of dependence and addiction.

3. Family Communication Worsens

The internet has had a negative impact on the family since there is currently less communication among its members due to the excessive use of the devices that incorporate it.

4. Lack of Physical Exercises

Many young people spend most of their time sitting in front of a laptop using the internet. Instead of going outside play sports or playing with their friends on the street or in the park.

This has also triggered high rates of obesity, especially in the young population. Which is the one that usually spends a lot of time in front of a laptop?

5. Virtual World

A very serious problem for many young people and regular internet users is the lack of capacity to know how to differentiate between the real and the virtual world. On some occasions, the virtual world due to its incredible benefits can be even more attractive than the real one.

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Online Education is definitely a good option for those who need to improve their academic level. In addition, there are many advantages of online education that you can benefit from, for example, if you follow a distance learning course. Some of the benefits of online education are listed below.


  • Low Cost: Online studies cost less than any other learning program you only need a computer connected to the internet.
  • Schedule Flexibility: You are the owner of your own schedule. Time is not a limitation in an online course.
  • Effective learning: Teachers or instructors are available at convenient times for students and respond to inquiries quickly through email.
  • In online education, learning is focused on what you need.
  • You can prioritize the things you want to learn according to your convenience.


  • Online courses are not accepted by some employers
  • You may not be able to motivate yourself in online learning
  • In an online course, you do not have clarification of immediate doubts about a subject of study
  • You have to boost your own self-motivation.
  • Online learning requires the full dedication and patience of the students.


So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of internet in our society. The new generations that were born in this era find it difficult to understand what the social dynamics were like before the internet. Because it is such a powerful tool. The internet offers many advantages that today generate different levels of comfort and access to goods and services. But also when its use is abused it can be detrimental to society. The use of the internet today is very useful but at the same time very harmful because it is increasingly generating carelessness and little effort to the activities to be carried out daily.

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