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10 Surprising Benefits of Exercise on your body


Here is the reason why regular exercise is important. In this article, we discuss the top 10 surprising benefits of exercise on your body. Regular exercise is good for health and fitness, exercise is any kind of physical activity and is important for physical and mental health. Exercise may be of different types like Running, cycling, walking, jogging, hiking, and other physical workouts. 

Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise helps in body fitness and overall health fitness, it not only helps in good physical health but also helps in improving better mental health.

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise are:

1. Weight loss: 

Regular exercise help to maintain balanced body weight, as our body gets lots of calories from food and drinks, exercise burn all the excess of calories from over body.

Best exercises to lose weight

2. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular Diseases:

Regular exercise improves the blood flow over the arteries and burns Bad Cholesterol from the blood, it may reduce the risk of heart diseases and make the Heart-healthy and better blood circulation.

Exercise exercise-reduces-the-risk-of-cardiovascular-diseases
Exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular Diseases

3. Reduce the risk of Diabetes: 

Exercise can lower the sugar level and maintain a balanced insulin level in the blood.

best-Exercises-to reduce-the-risk-of-diabetes
Best Exercises to reduce the risk of Diabetes

4. Great for Mental Health: 

Exercise has a direct relation with mental health, some of the hormones released during the exercise help in reducing depression and good for mental health, oxygen is the main requirement of all the tissue in the body which is carried by the blood as the flow increase it carries more oxygen to the brain, hence the brain works more efficient.

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The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

5. Improve lungs function: 

Exercise can make the lungs active and more functional, during exercise, the lungs work harder and you breathe easy and it makes the lung more active and more healthy.

Regular Exercise Improves your lungs function

6. Improve muscle strength: 

Some of the exercises like picking heavyweight cycling pulling and pushing increase fibers in muscles that improve muscle strength.

 7. Make skin fresh: 

During exercise, the waste product is removed during blood flow and the blood carries water and nutrients like Zinc and Vitamins to the skin which makes the skin glowing and fresh and prevents the skin from aging.

Regular exercise makes your skin fresh

8. Boost Mood and Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 

During exercise, a chemical hormone in our brain release which is a natural pain killer which keeps our mood happy and it decreases stress and anxiety.

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9. Improve Sexual health:  

Exercise can help to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise prevents free mature ejaculation, increases libido, and improves overall sexual health as blood circulates better during exercise.

10. Help you quit smoking

Exercise helps you to quit smoking. It reduces your craving and withdrawal symptoms. Exercises may also limit the weight you might gain after stop smoking.

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