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10 Best and Fun Exercises to do with Kids


Physical activity is very important for the health of adults and children. Here is the list of top 10 best and fun exercises to do with kids at home.

Physical workout is always fun and sharing that movement of entertainment with your kids is even better. Followed that routine at home with the little one and enjoy it together. Physical activity is extremely important for good health, and not only in adults. The boys must also be on the move.

Today our experts share with you the list of 10 best and fun exercises to do with kids at home during the quarantine. Everyday science team motivates you and your little one for the move.

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Entertainment for kids, physical exercise and sharing a movement with someone you loved, everything adds up, everything wins at this type of activity.  

The positive aspect of quarantine is the close contact of parents with their children. Many parents and children never spend so much time together.

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Ten Exercises to do with Kids at Home

  • Jogging:  

Lifting your knees slightly and slowly, as if to warm up. 30 seconds.

  • Squat:

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width, toes slightly turned out. Bend your knees and push your hips back to lower into a squat. 30 seconds  

  • Displacement:

Move forward and backward. 30 seconds

  • Lunges:

Step forward and back to the place. Lower as much as possible. 30 seconds

  • Lateral displacements:

Round trip to the right and to the left without crossing your legs. 30 seconds

  • Iron:

Hold the position with the body straight. If you can’t stand, you can rest your knees on the floor. 30 seconds

  • Kick Forward:

Stand face to face to each other, kick forward, down the tip of the feet, stand with a proper distance at each other to avoid accident. 30 seconds

  • Walk with your hands:

Walk with your hand like crawling but without resting your knees. 30 seconds

  • Jumping:

Jump from side to side. 30 seconds.

  • Burpees:

Hands-on the floor, legs back and stretched and back to the place to stand again. No jump. 30 seconds

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Once you finished the 10 exercise to do with kids, congratulate the little one and stretch next to him. Remember that the rhythms are according to each person, it is important not to demand from the boys. The exercises can be done one after the other without rest or with mini breaks between each one.

In case both have previous training sessions and have good aerobic capacity, more than one series can be performed, with a considerable rest between each one. Otherwise, do it again and again, over time, you can add more.

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