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tide pod challenge

Tide Pod Challenge, After the “Mannequin challenge”, “Invisible Box challenge,” and “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” a brand new quite stunt is all the craze in social media at the instant — this except the challenge is extremely dangerous and might get you hospitalized.

Before talking about “Tide Pod Challenge” let’s recap about “Mannequin challenge”,“Invisible Box challenge.” and “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”


But what is Tide Pod Challenge? and why it’s dangerous?

In the challenge, teenagers are seen stuffing their mouth with detergent pods, biting into it or maybe cooking with it. An alarming range of teens are uploading videos of themselves attempting out this challenge, despite the very fact that Tide and alternative laundry detergents are extremely harmful don’t seem to be mean to be consumed.

But wherever did the Tide Pod Challenge get its origin from? It all started back in 2015 once The Onion revealed column that was written from a perspective of a child curious what it might be preferable to eat the red and blue-coloured detergent Tide pods, that seemed like candies.

This was followed by a video announce by school Humor’s titled “Don’t Eat The Laundry Pods,” in March 2017 wherever university student enclosed a bunch of detergent pods and at the end declared that he felt fine.

Among the symptoms shown by youngsters who have accidentally swallowed detergent within the past is excessive vomit, unhealthy and out of breath, sleepiness, respiratory problems, also as membrane abrasions if the detergent finishes up coming into their eyes.

When individuals say clean up mouth, this can be not what they mean. however apparently, teens are currently taking the Tide Pod Challenge, that is putting individual detergent packets in their mouths and posting videos of doing, therefore online.

Even if you do not bite down on the pod or swallow it, you actually should not be putting it in your mouth. The packets are designed to dissolve once they get wet. If you allow your mouth wide open for some minutes over your keyboard, you will notice that your mouth has voluminous saliva.


Here is a compilation of videos of people putting detergent pods in their mouths:

youtube is removing videos of tide pod challenge

Don’t try this! 

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