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child protection policy’ to consult with preventing and responding to violence, exploitation and abuse against kids – as well as industrial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour and harmful ancient practices, like female reproductive organ mutilation/cutting and child wedding. Child protection is that the protection of kids from violence, exploitation and abuse against kids.

Child Protection Policy | Definition | Act | Issues | Awareness


child protection

Facts and figures:

• Roughly 126 million children aged 5–17 are believed to be engaged in risky work, excluding child domestic labour

• Over one million kids worldwide are detained by enforcement officers.

• It’s estimated that quite one hundred thirty million girls and ladies alive nowadays have undergone some type of feminine reproductive organ mutilation/cutting.

The rape and murders of a dozen kids by a suspected murderer have terrified parents in the central Asian nation and prompted self-analysis over however the country fails to safeguard it’s most vulnerable.

Recently, The killing of six-year-old Zainab Fatima Ameen became the tipping point last week once her body was found in a very garbage heap close to her place the town of Kasur. From January to June 2017, there were 129 cases recorded in Kasur — including rape and murder — according to Sahil, an aid group and child protection policy that works on child protection issues.

child protection

More information on Zainab Case you will find Here


During the past year, 12 youngsters who had been the subject of reports of abuse or neglect to the state’s kid protecting services died, in keeping with a report discharged Wednesday.

Fourteen deaths were reported as needed by state law, however, of these, 12 involved a report created by the state’s kid-protecting services before the death

UNICEF Child Protection Environment:

child protection

The Convention on the Rights of the child (1989) outlines the basic rights of youngsters, including the right to be protected against economic exploitation and harmful work, from all kinds of sexual exploitation and abuse, and from physical or mental violence, still as making certain that children won’t be separated from their family against their will. These rights are more refined by 2 elective Protocols, one on the sale of children, kid prostitution and child pornography, and the alternative on the involvement of children in armed conflict.

Creating safe environments for children:

1.  Policy and guidance:

This includes tips on the behaviour that workers and people related to set up International should adopt once interacting with youngsters, the way to report and affect breaches of the kid protection policy and standards for implementation.

2.  Awareness and prevention: 

Work on creating a culture of awareness.

Everyone within Plan International is aware of and understands the problem of child abuse.

Children and Community work.

3.  Reporting and responding:

Ensure that staff and associates are clear on what to do if they are concerned about a child’s welfare.

8.  Safe engagement and sanctions: 

Take action to prevent those who abuse or may be a risk to children from becoming involved with Plan International.

Children are Future:

child protection

We believe that children are priceless treasures and gifts from God, and as such, we consider the care of the little ones God entrusts into our care to be a very important responsibility.

We believe that every child has the right:

  • To be loved, cherished, and supported To be treated with respect and dignity. To receive responsible care and to be handled with kindness To be encouraged and nurtured emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually To have their physical needs adequately met, including nutrition, housing, and medical care To receive a good education that provides competence and empowers them to be self-sufficient To be taught good values and morals to guide them in life To learn about God’s personal love and care for them To be taught boundaries and self-discipline To be empowered to realize their full potential To be prepared for the responsibilities and challenges of adulthood To develop their individuality To be treated fairly and justly, without discrimination To be in a safe environment;  focused on child protection policy, and to be protected from harm and danger.

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